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2018 T1 Barcode

After going to the Van's Warped Tour in 98', meeting Joe and seeing what he and the rest of the T1 crew were about, I knew I also wanted to ride a T1. At the time, the Barcodes were hard to come by, mostly because only a few of the early models had been produced. By the Summer of 01, MAAS had begun building the frames and I was able to get my hands on a Red 21" Barcode. I rode that bike for at least the next 5 or 6 years. It stood the test of time and abuse. When I decided to get back into BMX in the fall of 2017, I took a long hard look at the old T1 pictured here and decided that a new frame and fresh components would be a better idea.

I started off by going to see Chris Rickard at ORP. He didn't have any new Barcodes at the time and what I soon found out was that they were still just as rare as they had always been. So, I picked a Rickard frame that he offered instead and decided to let him build it up. (More details on that bike later). A year went by with the Rickard framed bike and I didn't really ride it as much as I had originally anticipated. When I did start to riding it more intensely it was January/ February of 2018, and I did so at the nearby skateparks. The bike had been set-up for trails / dirt & racing, because that's what I thought I was going to be doing. I soon discovered that the tire set-up and longer top tube didn't serve me as well in the environment that I had been subjecting them to.

I began looking through all of the online sales sites, Ebay and other miscellaneous apps to see if I could locate a newer Barcode. I was mostly interested in the later models because of the integrated headset, the mid bottom bracket, lighter overall weight and they were also built by S&M. There were two or three of the older ones that frequently popped up, so I considered restoring the one I had before purchasing another one of the same. And then I found a needle in the haystack on Ebay. A 2017/18 T1 Barcode in dark burgundy and in almost new condition. I contacted the seller and negotiated the price a bit before commiting to the purchase. I had decided to use a couple of the parts I already had, got a few new essentials from Chris at ORP and bought the remaining parts used from various people through Facebook.

I had everything in hand by friday, March 16th, so I carved out some time and got to work on the build. It didn't take long to get it all together. Mostly because I was highly motivated and excited to see it come together. The results of the build were right on target with what I had envisioned.

Here's the build: 2017/ 18 21" Terrible One Barcode in Dark Burgundy Odyssey R25 Forks S&M Challenger Stem Sunday Headset T1 8.85 Bars ODI Lock-On Grips S&M Stealth Pivotal Seat & Post Odyssey Mid Bottom Bracket Profile Racing Cranks Profile Imperial 33T Sprocket Shadow Interlock Race Chain Fly Bikes Ruben Pedals Chris King Hubs w/14mm Rear Axle & 12T Cog Odyssey 36 H Aerospace Rims Odyssey Aitken 2.25 Tires

I took it out and rode around the neighborhood, made a few adjustment and dialed it a little bit. I decided that I'm going to run it brakeless for now. Mostly because I want to gain some confidence at the skateparks and not have a way to hesitate or slow down when approaching ramps, bowls or other elements. Let's hope that no one gets in the line of fire either... that probably wouldn't end well. I'll probably be bolting brakes on before too long...

We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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